First Blog Post!

Hello out there!

Man, let me tell you what! First off, this whole website building is hard stuff! Second, posting random thoughts out into the cyber world, is scary and neat at the same time! I will try to post on here at least twice a week! I have jotted it down in my planner, so hopefully I look at that LOL!

So, first things first. My name is Mary, if you didn’t already know that! I am from Texas, and was born in Germany. Both of my parents are retired military and are living in Texas. My husband and I have between us 3 children, 2 boys and a lil girl. You will probably see lots of photos of them as well as read about them too! We also have a dog named Daisy, and a cat named Waffles. Now I know Waffles is an odd name for an animal, but, our daughter named him so it stuck! She has named all of her “pets” and “animals” very different names, which we love! (I will do a separate post about that!) My husband is active duty Army and we are currently stationed in Washington. We have been to a total of 3 bases since we have been together. Soon, we will be going back to our home state and finally settling down some roots!

(Here are some photos I took of our lil animals! I will hopefully soon be getting more into Pet photography as well!)


I started this business so I could have something to do that I love doing. I love capturing moments and then revealing them to my clients! I have even had some tears during those reveals! It is just a wonderful feeling being allowed into these sometimes very private events and being able to be a part of it! I love learning new techniques with my programs as well as practicing for shoots! 9/10 times if I am not working on a session, I am going thru older ones and either re-doing the edits, or doing something new to the images! I just did some double exposure images from my most boudoir sessions. They are always so much fun and each image is totally different and unique!

So, if you have any questions or would like more info on anything, please just let me know! Feel free to comment below with where you are from! Talk to you soon!

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