Figuring out this website thing!

So today I figured out how to place client images on here! This will save so much time for  myself and will make it easier on my clients, I hope! 

I had to contact support in order to figure out how to do this though LOL! I am not 100% tech savvy when it comes to website building and such! But, after figuring out the kinks and how to make things “private” it is pretty simple! Isn’t that way everything is though SUPER hard and confusing when the words come out of your mouth, then once you do it, it’s like BAM! That wasn’t so hard, now was it!?!

So, anywho, here are a couple of the images that I just posted into some galleries. More will be available here soon. Have to wait till the clients see them (LOL!)! And side note, aren’t these little ones just the cutest?!? They were such a blast to shoot and they were such super troopers! It was FREEZING that day and it was so windy! It actually rained that afternoon, so happy we got these when we did!

But, anyways, I am getting back into my editing software now! Had multiple sessions yesterday and need to get to work on those bad boys! I know just from glancing at their galleries in camera as well as on my computer, they look super sweet!

Mom & Me

Till next time! ♥

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