Shoot & Share Contest

Shoot & Share 2017!

So, this year I submitted about 12 photos to a contest for photographers. You don’t get a prize or anything like that for winning, it’s mostly just photogs critiquing each other. It was such a great experience voting and seeing what other’s see when they look threw their lenses! Here is the link for the contest site.logo_fpo3

But, that’s not the awesome news! As some of you may or may not know, I just opened up my business in Oct of last year. I’ve been taking photos before then, but officially started charging and paying taxes then :). Well, when I submitted these photos, which of course I think they are awesome but I also know I can still grow and learn, I never thought I would get anywhere. Especially being a small town gal living in a much bigger city and not having “that much” experience. When I was voting, all of that sunk in even-more. These artists are incredible!!! There were so many great photos in this contest that to me, they made my “starting out” pics look like my 5 year old took them. But, that is just me being my worst critic! 

Anywho, on to the news…….. I got 3 photos that made it into some pretty cool rounds! 2 of my photos, seen below, made it into the top 30%!!!! TOP FRIGGIN 30%! My maternity photo was submitted into the maternity category and there were over 12k submitted into that category! And my pic got in the top 30%! And, the other photo was submitted into the “family” category where there were over 22k submitted!!! And this photo is kinda special to me. If you don’t already know, the subjects of this photo are part of my family. My dear sweet husband and our daughter!!! And they made top 30%! Oh, and this photo. Well, it was one of the first pics I took with my new camera!!!! So, this just gives me all the good feels that maybe I finally dived head first into the career I am meant to be in!

Ashton Military
Family Shoot & Share 2017
Double Exposure
Maternity Shoot & Share 2017

And now, the other photo lol. Now, there’s nothing wrong with one, I love it just as much as the others. In fact, this photo was taken by my first PAID clients!!! That’s right! This is one of the first photos I got paid to do! And OMG!!! It made it into the top 20% of the same “family” category!!! So, it got top 20% out of over 22k photos!!! I mean OH MY FRIGGIN GOODNESS!!!!!! And of course, this photo is also military related. Most of the photos I submitted were. I am drawn to the military, being an Army brat and then marrying into it, I think it’s in my blood ;). 

Hong Military
Family Shoot & Share 2017

And to sum things up. I am OVER THE MOON thrilled to have done this! I was super nervous submitting photos to this contest just due to stress of knowing I would be critiqued by my fellow photographers. But, I got pretty darn far for a lil gal from a small town in Texas! 

Let me know below if you jumped the gun and did something that you were totally nervous about at first and then LOVED the end result! I would love to read what other’s have accomplished!

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