Family Sessions

Deployment Session

These always hit me so hard. Just knowing that someone that is loved by so many is heading out somewhere gets me. Whether it’s a couple of weeks, months or years, it always pains me. And of course, that’s mostly due to my background.

This session was like many others. Kiddos that would much rather be playing (I haven’t met a kiddo yet, under the age of 5, that is completely happy with sitting in front of a camera for 30 minutes straight). And who could blame them? I know  would much rather be on a playground somewhere ;). IMG_7619-1


But, this session was also very different. You see, Daddy is about to leave. So, we did a lot of poses on some military gear (courtesy of my husband lol) and some with some signs, and of course Daddy in his uniform. Now, we did this session very “happy”. There were no tears, no sad faces (except when Mommy took away the gummies!), so all-in-all very happy moments. And boy, did these 2 keep me on my toes! I brought some bubbles with me as a distraction tool, and they were all about those bubbles! And Momma brought some yummy treats to entice the kiddos, which always is a plus in my book!

So, why am I writing about a session that’s just really like all my other family sessions? Well, this one and every other military related session  have done, and will do in the future is not “just like the rest of them”. These stick with me. I still can recall the first one I did. I can still remember her little boys name. I know where she went while he hubby was gone (and is gone now). I remember the conversations we had about outfit choices. I know where this Daddy is going. I know their son’s names and ages. I know they love the movie Trolls and Moana.


So, you see, these sessions are so different in many ways. I have alot of sessions that tend to stick with me for some time. Whether they are awful experiences due to whatever the reason may be, or if they are so great that I talk about how awesome they were over and over! But these, no matter what happens before/during/after these sessions, I always remember them and will always cherish that I got to be involved in a so special time in these families lives.

Thank you all for your service and sacrifice!!!!

Please do not alter my images, they are my art! ©MaryAshtonPhotography


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