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Picking Out Your Boudoir Session Outfits!

Choosing What to Wear For Your Boudoir Session

Trying to figure out what to wear at your boudoir session? Well, keep reading cuz I have a few tips to help ya out!

1. Wear what makes you feel sexy. Boudoir sessions are all about bringing your sexy side, so if you put something on and you feel uncomfortable, move on to the next option. Consider it sort of like searching for the perfect wedding dress. When you put it on and can’t help but spin in front of the mirror or think, “Heck yes, I’m sexy!” then that is the piece you should wear on shoot day. Please do NOT bring something that you are ehhhh about cuz it doesn’t fit right! If it is too small, it will show in your photos! Not just where it is too small but also in your face! I always strive for comfort and constantly suggest bringing an over-sized sweater, tee shirt, jeans, really anything! As long as you FEEL good, you will look SMOKIN’!

2. Consider what your partner likes, too. Do they love a specific color? What about sports team? Is their career something you can bring (think jacket, glasses, hat, tie, uniform, etc!) Did they love something you wore awhile ago? Bring ALL of the above!

3. Opt for lingerie that flatters your favorite parts. If you’ve got an impressive rack (yes, I said it), then choose something that really shows of that feature. Maybe you’re a fan of your own derriere and want to show off the goods, too. Choose a piece that accentuates whatever features you love most about yourself. Do you have a new tattoo that you are DYING to show off? FLAUNT IT!  I will also add in EVERYONE looks STUNNING in a bodysuit! Seriously, they were like made to fit everyone! Try some on in your fav color and see for yourself!

4. Footwear matters, too. It’s so easy to go into a less-than-classy vibe depending on your footwear. Our suggestion: keep it simple. Patterns, baubles, bells, whistles, and more than three inches of heel can all lean “too much.” Instead, opt for shoes that scream “sexy sophistication.” FYI: Heels can also do a lady good when it comes to posture and accentuating muscles in her legs. But at the same time, I love no shoes as well! Just remember one big rule: OPTIONS!! 🙂

Here are some of the places I recommend shopping at!

  • Target
  • ASOS
  • H&M
  • Adore Me
  • Savage X Fenty
  • Amazon!!!
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Aerie

I have included a “few” photos below just to show what I mean! Everyone is different and everyone will choose what they feel the most comfortable in! Remember, this session is about embracing and celebrating YOU! 😉 | 254-251-8995 |

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