Common Questions

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How do I get the ball rolling?

After contacting me, I will work with you on a time and place for an in person consultation. If an in person consultation does not suit your time, this can also be done over the phone. During this meeting, we will go over poses, outfits, location and overall theme of portraits. This will also be the time for a non-refundable deposit based on which based on your session selection, deposit is to hold your session time. We will go over my contract and any other questions you may have as well.

Is it different for a boudoir session?

Somewhat. Once you contact me, I will still set up a time to speak with you in person. For these type of sessions, I prefer to do a face-to-face consultation so that we can get to know one another and go over any questions you may have. If you need options on what to wear, or what to bring, I will go over all of these with you. The only thing I ask, is that you fill out my questionnaire here before our in person meet-up. This will just give me some answers that I will already have and will make our meeting that much more fun!

What happens after my session?

If you need your photos by a certain time, please let me know during our initial consult. If this is not done, there will be additional charges for a rush fee. Once the session is complete, I will begin working on your art! Depending on the session, I may or may not post a sneak peek to my facebook and site. If you would not like this to be done, please let me know ahead of time. No later than two weeks after your session, your photos will be ready to be viewed! I will set up a date and time for this to occur and based on your package, we will go threw your photos and decide which you would like. We will go threw them and decide on sizes for prints, if applicable. In order to process any products, entire amount for said products is due. No products will be ordered prior to this. I do also offer payment plans for all my products, and this can be discussed and put together at your ordering session.

How do I get my products?

All products are ordered and shipped to me with all shipping fees waived. If you would like items to be mailed, we can discuss shipment fees. Delivery varies on the products ordered and range from one week to 2 weeks. Upon ordering if any products are not up to my standard for products, I will contact you to let you know there is a delay for your products. Digital downloads are delivered on the next business day.

Who do I need to bring to my ordering appointment?

Feep free to bring everyone that was photographed! Please also bring anyone that would also like prints of your loved ones. This makes the ordering process much more efficient since we will only do one ordering session.

If we are viewing boudoir photos, you are more than welcome to bring your significant other to the appointment, but I would suggest that all children do not attend. Or, you are more than ok to just do these yourself!