Senior Model Program

Hello there! Every year in the summer, I host multiple sessions for upcoming Seniors! These are awesome sessions and when you choose this package, you get so much more than just 1 photo session. If you click here you will be able to view a magazine that goes over this program in a little more detail.

Here is what these sessions include:

  1. Discounted Photo Sessions.
    1. That’s right! You book a full price session for the summer, and by agreeing to participate in the Senior Model Program, you are entitled to discounted (and sometimes completely FREE) sessions until you walk across that stage!
  2. Free Images.
    1. Again, this is 100% real. By agreeing to this program, you receive FREE images for your Social Media accounts. All you have to do is let me know which you use the most (Instagram or Facebook) and you will receive images that are already sized and ready to be shared on those platforms! (Images will be watermarked with my logo and you are required to tag my page on ALL postings).
  3. Free Rep Cards.
    1. What are Rep Cards? Well, they are cards that you and your family can hand out to your friends! They are custom to each Senior and will have your face and info on them! Think of them as little brag cards! Then, when your friends book a session with me………….
  4. Rewards!
    1. You get FREE stuff! This could be anything from free grad cards, free gift cards to boutiques, restaurants and/or make-up! You also receive credits per each session that comes in with your card! 5 cards = 1 FREE session including images! How many people do you know that need their photos done? I am sure it is AT LEAST 5 right, so by telling 5 of your friends how much fun your session was and what goes into it, you get A FREE SESSION!!! I mean, how awesome is that?!?

Does this sound like something you would be interested in doing? If so, please head on over to my Questionnaire and fill it out! I will be in contact within a few days to set up a meet and greet! This is where we will go over your style, interests, and locations for your shoot! We will also handle the business side of things (contracts and deposits) and if you are under 18, you must have a guardian present.

If you would like more info on pricing and what is included in my sessions and fees, please see my Investment page! The price listed for Senior Sessions is the initial price for my Model Program as well, but just by signing up for the Program you gain SO MUCH MORE of an investment! And you first session is a total of 4 hours in max 2 locations! WOWZA!

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