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Give the gift of photos….

You know what I love to hear? That the art I am capturing will be given as a gift! That is the most incredible thing to hear and I just love knowing that whatever it is I am looking at thru my lens has the potential to be given to someone!

Now, this entire session was a gift! This sweet gal, Tasha, booked 2 sessions for both her mother and her mother-in-law. These are the photos from her 2nd session with me :).

Just the girls!

And can I just say how awesome it is knowing at least a couple of the people you are taking photos of? Now, I do offer in-person consults with every session. But, that being said, meeting with someone in person is WAY different than taking their photo. You already know angles, how to make them smile, poses that suite them, and how they interact with those they love. So, for this session, I had previously photographed 2 of my “subjects” before. Tasha, and her sweet lil angel, Hensley. So, I already knew how to make this lil one laugh, what kind of sounds to make, and of course, how far along she is (walking, standing, things like that). So, I already knew what sort of poses to put them in and what kind not too.

And it also helps when Tasha LOVES the kind of shots that aren’t “posed”. You know, the ones that are REAL LIFE. Now, that’s not to say the smiley poses aren’t great. But, there is something so awesome about looking at something thru my lens, capturing it, and then coming home to edit and getting to re-live that moment all over again.

Now, there are times that no one else will ever see said photos. And, well, that can be due to alot of things. Lighting, postures, aperture effects, clarity isssues, things like that. But, they are super nice to gaze at, and usually by no one else, I mean other than myself and the client. 🙂



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